GPG random-entropy

This is was the workaround that I had to do to get gpg keys to be generated on a kvm debian machine. After doing it several times and having to hunt to figure out how I got it working the first time I decided I should write it down.....

sudo apt-get install rng-tools
sudo rngd -r /dev/urandom
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Road Warrior VPN

This is a dead simple way to get an OpenVPN server up and going with individual client certificates.

wget -O && bash
# Copyright (c) 2013 Nyr. Released under the MIT License.

# Detect Debian users running the script with "sh" instead of bash
if readlink /proc/$$/exe | grep -q "dash"; then
    echo 'This installer needs to be run with "bash", not "sh".'

# Discard stdin. Needed when running from an one-liner which includes a newline
read -N 999999 -t 0.001

# Detect OpenVZ 6
if [[ $(uname …
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These posts will be various lessons and lessons learned as I start learning how to program in C++. My first experiences programming started in Windows batch files and then in high school I was introduced to Perl. While it could be argued that neither batch or Perl are "real programming languages" they non-the-less introduced me to the world of programming.


Useful C++ Resources

The following links are the sites that I found most helpful for me. I have found that I learn best by reading the text, looking at examples of code, and then systematically analyzing the code and breaking …

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